Inner Storm: A Christmas fic

Inner Storm
by Erin Griffin
Fandom: Murder in Suburbia
Pairing: Ash/Scribbs
Disclaimer: ITV owns these characters. No infringement intended or whatever.
AN: Having a blue Christmas this season and was rereading the Turning Point Series to feel better. It inspired this sort of. I am just proud to finish a story after over a year of a dry spell.
The weather outside was frightful, as the song goes, with the snow coming down in large thick clumps upon the windshield. Though the storm was icy and the roads were much less stable to drive upon, the atmosphere inside the car was much more chilling, making the drive from the Ashurst estate much, much longer.
The car door slammed before Kate could get another syllable out. She sighed, knowing she was in for a long night, and she would have been a bit vexed at her partner's behavior if it hadn't been her fault to begin with. She paused, wondering if she should wait a few minutes before following the blonde inside, but the cold draft that made it inside the car had Kate thinking otherwise, braving the storm outside only to brave another within the flat.
Kate heard the slamming of drawers upon entering the flat, her hands filled with the gifts from her parents' house and her heart with dread. She shut her eyes and counted to three before she let her shoe nudge the door open. The scene wasn't far off from the tantrum she was expecting. Though no cutlery made it out of the drawers, Kate did spot the scotch on the counter, while her partner muttered angily as she tried to find the glasses. Kate dare not offer assistance, knowing that it would only fuel the fury, and she really couldn't handle that until she'd at least gotten her hands on some of that scotch herself. Slowly relieving her arms of the presents, she stepped towards the counter. Emma stopped her movements only long enough to cast a resentful glare before she took, to Kate's relief, two glasses from the rightful shelf. They could have gone without the slamming to the counter, but it was a start.
"I hate her," the blonde stated in a low voice, her lips barely moving though the muscle in her neck twitched with the statement. She poured scotch into both glasses much to Ash's surprise.
"I know," was all Ash allowed, grabbing the remaining glass on the counter after Scribbs nearly downed her in one swallow.
"So much." She poured more for herself but she didn't take it. "I almost hate you too."
"I am sorry."
Scribbs turned to her partner now. "You promised me this year would be different. What did I say last year?"
"That it was the last year you were attending."
"I wanted to stay home- or hell, with my sister for a bit, but you didn't want me to.  It was hell as I knew it would be but you thought somehow it would be different."
"I honestly thought it would be," Kate started to say, but she stopped with a small sigh. "No, I knew it wouldn't be," she conceded.
"Yeah." Emma downed the second drink.
"I wanted it to be," Kate said as she, too, took the scotch in little more than a swallow.  "I'm sorry she told Gloria that you were my phase, as if it were temporary."
"We got wedding photos stating how untrue that is. That isn't why I am so angry."
"Tell me."
"I get it from my own family too, the cheek about how I could possibly nab a girl like you. I can joke for so long. Then your mum... I'm angry that it's getting to me. Now, after all this time, it is getting to me. All night, I had those thoughts I used to when we started to date. I am just tired of wondering if I ever would truly be good enough for you-"
"Stop," Ash commanded. She stepped closer now. "I love you."
"I know-"
"I love YOU," Kate stressed. "I don't care if they think you aren't good enough for me, I know that you are. It is I who should be worried that I'm too uptight and neurotic for you."
"You are, but I like it," Scribbs said.
"My point, is that we are here. It's Christmas, and I have yet to unwrap my present."
Scribb's eyebrow rose. "Really?"
Kate walked towards Scribbs,  gently taking placing her glass down. "Yes. And you have yet to open yours."
"I thought you let me break a rule and open mine last night," Scribbs said, a smile finally creeping on her face.
"This is one of those gifts you can unwrap whenever you like," Kate said.
"Oh, I like those. I suppose it must be unwrapped in the bedroom?"
"Of course."
"Onwards then."
"If you like, I can really make my mother's Christmas and tell her you're going to be pregnant soon."
"Can you be on speaker so I can hear?"
"I hadn't planned any other approach."
"I love you, Ash," Scribbs said, pulling on Kate's hand and dragging her into the bedroom for the night.

Fic: New World War (1/?)

New World War
by Erin Griffin
Fandm: Murder in Suburbia/Harry Potter (Crossover, slightly AU)
Pairing: Eventual Ash/Scribbs
Summary: When Ash starts acting weird and leaves Middleford CID, Scribbs is confronted with her collegue's biggest secret. Afraid of losing her friend in a magical war, she follows Ash to Hogwart's where she finds her family has its own hidden history...
Author's Note: From the episode "Witches" to rereading the first book over again and reading McGonagall's description in the first couple of chapters, I knew that I needed to write this crossover. It has been in my head and the notes in many different stages for five or six years now. Hopefully, I will keep up with this one, but it might take a lot of time to get it all out.

This story partially rewrites the seventh book in the Hogwarts POV. All characters you don't recognize belong to me, and all storylines or events in wrong order are Alternate Universe. This may seem a little wonky for avid Harry Potter fans because I tweak so much of book seven to make this story work.

Also, I am American. I realize that both of these fandoms are not. All Americanisms are my mistake, as I do not have a betareader, and so let's hope it doesn't ruin the rest of the story for you.

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I need some help.

I am writing a Murder in Suburbia/Harry Potter crossover, and I am in need of a consultant of sorts who could help me with Harry Potter plots. I am working more with the books than with the movie, mostly because of how McGonagall is described in the Sorcerer's Stone. If anyone is willing to help, I would love to shoot an email with a few questions your way. If you don't have time, but know where I can find a good reliable source to answer some of my questions (mostly regarding the 6th and 7th books and the characters within), that will be appretiated as well. Thanks!



I've been spying on this community from afar for a couple of weeks now, and just enjoying the fanfictions, icons, highlights and general cuteness that is in abundance in this corner of the world, but you all seem to be rather short on screencaps - and in particular right now, for a new forum signature I'm hoping to employ someone from my home forums to make for me, I'm looking for a screencap of Ash and Scribbs in bed during Golden Oldies. Having spent the past two days on Google searching fruitlessly for such a thing I am forced to conclude that it does not exist -- yet. Therefore, I was hoping that if anyone's still around on here they could a) help me out with this and b) start to build up a collection of squeeful screencaps for future visual pleasure.

The Rules (a song/poem inspired by MiS)

I started this about a month after Fallen ended in hopes that it would go into a story that I have been potting for a while. The story didn't happen, but last night I finished the song. The first version of the song was a little uneven, and I forgot most of the lyrics that I had there, but a little tweaking here and there, and its done. It was meant as a song, but since I don't know how to read music or play an instrument, it will have to settle as a poem.

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Twitterings, Murder and LandComms!

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Go here to apply (ask for Team Cops :p).
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Femslash4Fans on Blogtalkradio, August 12th, 10 PM EST - Murder in Suburbia Femslash

For those who are interested allaine77 has an upcoming episode of his online radio show Femslash 4 Fans focused on Murder In Suburbia and in particular, the relatonship between Ash and Scribbs.

F4F Back with Friends - Murder in Suburbia authors Erin Griffin and Claire Gough w/ co-host Dreiser

Femslash4Fans finally makes a long-overdue return from its hiatus with its first-ever look at British television. While "Murder in Suburbia" only ran for twelve episodes in the U.K. in 2004-2005, it continues to inspire fans on both sides of the Atlantic, thanks to the partnership of Detective Inspector Kate "Ash" Ashford and Detective Sergeant Emma "Scribbs" Scribbins. After all, perhaps the reason neither ever seemed to find the right man was because they already found the right woman. Certainly the fanfic authors who have kept the community alive thought so. And two of them will be joining allaine77 and I on the air, forgivemenot author of the "Turning Point" series; and magicmumu who wrote the amnesiac story "Fallen."
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