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This community is for the purpose of promoting and enjoying Murder in Suburbia and Ash/Scribbs through the following:

+ Fan fiction
+ Fan art/Fan videos/Icons
+ Screencaps
+ Episode discussion
+ Lovely pictures of the cast
+ Info on what the cast are doing now
+ Discussion of past ventures of the cast

Welcome post for newbies!!! (Members Only)

First Ficathon Master list - May 2007
Second Ficathon Master list - May 2008

Writing Resources

Ash Profile | Scribbs Profile | Misc facts

American English -> British English

List of Beta-Readers

The Rules (To be learned, adhered to, and recited if called upon)
+ Ash/Scribbs shall be known only as Ash/Scribbs. Not Ashibbs, Scrash, Kemma or Emate. Any 'blending' of their names will result in a severe reprimand and a trademark Ash-glare.
+ Be nice. We're all nice here and we want it to stay that way. If you're not nice, we'll send Sullivan round to snog you.
+ Please help any fellow Ash/Scribbs shipper who is confronted with Scribbs' series 2 hair for the first time. Remember how traumatic it was for you? Exactly, so be considerate.
+ Absolutely no stray limbs. (Breaking this rule is encouraged)

All graphics kindly made by the lovely forgivemenot.


+ passion_perfect - (Discussion comm for the Passion & Perfection archive)